Monitor Series 4 Service Instructions

Series 4: S3 to S4 Monitor Upgrade

Step 1- Remove the handle from the handle rests and place the handle in the full forward position as shown. 

Step 2- Stand the WaterRower upright and disconnect the bungee as shown.
Step 3- Lay the WaterRower down. Remove the Tie Rods and JCB Bolts connecting the Top Deck to the Tank assembly as shown.
Step 4- Remove the Top Deck assembly as shown, being careful not to dislodge the Guide Pulleys. You may have to disconnect the Tacho pulley. Disconnect the Tacho motor plug.
Step 5- Remove the old monitor Retaining Pin and the old monitor from the key
Step 6- Remove the old monitor Tacho Pulley from the clutch.
Step 7- Remove the batteries and battery bracket.
Step 8- Position the S4 monitor assembly through the right key bracket as shown.  Ensure that the spring and washer orientation is correct. Replace the R Pin retaining the monitor assembly as shown. Place the new S4 Top Deck, top side down, on the top of the tank on the side opposite the monitor.  Connect the sensor connector.
Step 9- Place the S4 monitor sensor disk onto the clutch. The internal boss fits around the internal boss of the clutch.
Step 10- Replace the S4 top deck as shown.
Step 11- Replace the JCB bolts and Tie Rods connecting the Top Deck to the Tank assembly as shown. Ensure that the Tie Rod cross dowel slots are aligned with the Tie Rod. You may utilize a screw driver to assist this.
Step 12- Stand the WaterRower upright and connect the Recoil Belt to the bungee as shown.
Note: If the Recoil Belt buckle and D-Ring have been removed it will be necessary to refit them before Step 9 may be completed. Refer to the Recoil Buckle Replacement Instruction for details.

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