Series 4 Service Instructions

Series 4: Clutch Replacement (Plastic)

For Video Instructions, click here: Replacing the Clutch (Plastic)
Step 1- Remove the handle from the handle rests and place the handle in the full forward position as shown.
Step 2- Stand the WaterRower upright and disconnect the bungee as shown.
Step 3- Lay the WaterRower down and slowly pull the handle so that the drive strap unwinds from the clutch housing. Do this gently as pulling too fast will cause the recoil belt to wind up too much.
To remove the handle from the clutch, you will need the 1/8 Allen key to unscrew the small bolt connecting the strap to the clutch.
Step 4- Remove the JCB bolts and tie rods connecting the top deck to the tank assembly as shown. Note the barrel nuts will fall out from underneath the top deck. Be sure not to lose them.
Step 5- Remove the top deck assembly as shown, being careful not to dislodge the guide pulleys or pull the wiring from the sensor. The top deck can be positioned upside down on the top of the tank. You can disconnect the sensor connector if easier.
Step 6- Remove the sensor disk from the shaft of the paddle as shown below. On A1/GX or Indo-Row models, removing this disk requires using a channel lock pliers to grab only the thick inner boss or use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry apart the sensor disk.
Step 7- Remove the clutch retaining pin as shown. You will need a hammer and a 5mm punch (or 5mm slender bolt) for this procedure.
Step 8- Remove the clutch assembly with recoil belt as shown.
  Step 9- Unclip the recoil belt from the recoil bush of the old clutch and reattach it to the new clutch. The recoil belt clip, goes around the wider stem of the H piece on the recoil bush. Wind the recoil belt up around the recoil bush.
Step 10- Replace the Clutch assembly as shown.
Step 11- Replace the clutch retaining pin as shown. It is important to make sure that the pin hole in the paddle shaft and the pin hole in the clutch line up. You may need to lift the paddle shaft to line up the 2 holes. Use a screwdriver or punch to keep these holes aligned while you hammer in the pin.
Step 12- Replace the sensor disk as shown.
Step 13- Replace the top deck and reconnect the sensor connector if you disconnected it.
Step 14- Replace the JCB bolts and tie rods connecting the top deck to the tank assembly as shown. Ensure that the tie rod barrel nut slots are aligned with the tie rod. You may utilize a screw driver to assist this.


Handle replacement
Step 15- Replace the handle. Pass the strap of the handle assembly over the large pulley in the forward riser as shown. Ensure the strap does not have any twists in it.
Step 16- Thread the end of the drive strap inside (towards the center of the machine) of the drive strap guide pulley (the upper of the two guide pulleys). Guide the end of the strap around the clutch and insert it into the slot in the clutch (the slot with out the bolt hole). Giving your self some slack to work with, wrap the strap around the clutch and insert the end of the strap into the slot with the hole for the bolt. Fasten the strap to the clutch with the small bolt using the 1/8” Allen Key.
Step 17- Check that the belt orientation is correct. Slowly rotate the clutch (in a clockwise direction, as viewed from above) to feed the Drive Strap onto the clutch housing as shown. Make sure that the Drive Strap feeds evenly onto the clutch. Wind the Drive Strap onto the clutch so that the handle reaches its full forward position, as shown.
Step 18- If your Recoil Belt is still attached to the Recoil Bush then go onto step 19. Otherwise it will be necessary to reconnect the recoil. If you feel unsure about the
orientation of the recoil it may be best to go through this process anyhow.
Step 19- With the handle in the full forward position, it is important that the recoil belt wraps around the recoil bush between one and two turns. Once this is so pass the recoil belt inside (towards the center of the machine) the recoil belt guide pulley (the lower of the two guide pulleys) and over the two pulleys in the forward riser. Pass the belt underneath the machine towards the bungee as shown.
Step 20- Stand the WaterRower upright and connect the Recoil Belt to the bungee as shown.
Note: If the recoil belt buckle and D-ring have been removed it will be necessary to refit them before Step 14 may be completed. Refer to the Recoil Buckle Replacement Instruction for details.

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