Series 1

Series 1

All Series I WaterRowers were the original design. Made in the Rhode Island they are quite distinctive; the images and descriptions below will help guide you through the distinctive characteristics.

Wood Variations


The footboard was heart shaped, and the heel rest fixed. The footstrap was 2″ (50mm) wide and closed using Velcro.


The seat had a cut away at its rear to give clearance for the tail bone and was upholstered.

Forward Riser

The forward riser had two pulleys at its top where the drive strap passed through.

Rear Spacer

The rear spacer was cylindrical, the double bungee was attached by a Velcro strap.

Dolly Wheels

The Dolley Wheels had a central axle passing right through the machine. The dolley wheels themselves being 5″ (140mm) in diameter.



The tank has a 1″ corner radius with a fabricated Stainless Steel paddle.


Series 1 had a 3″ steel clutch