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M1 Service Videos

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M1: Full Tank Assembly Replacement

Step 1. Remove the handle from the handle rests and place the handle in the fully forward position.   Step 2. Stand the rower upright. Disconnect the bungee from the recoil belt, then lower the rower to normal position.     Step 3.  Using the 5mm ratchet provided with your rower (or a 5mm Allen …

Series 4: Seat Load Wheel Replacement (C and E-Clip)

C-clip (Pre June 2017) Load Wheel Replacement E-clip (Post June 2017) Load Wheel Replacement

Adjusting the Push Button Footpads

Adjusting the Dual-Pin Footpads

M1: Changing the Batteries on the S4 Monitor

M1: Adding Felt to Key Brackets (Video)