Series 4 Service Videos

Series 4 Service Videos

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Series 4: Identifying Rail Sides

Recoil Buckle Adjustment

Step 1- Feed the recoil belt through the recoil belt buckle as shown. Step 2- Feed the loose end of the recoil belt through the d-ring and feed it back on itself through the recoil buckle as shown. Once complete, you may wish to return the loose end of the recoil belt back through the ...

Series 4: Seat Load Wheel Replacement (C and E-Clip)

C-clip (Pre June 2017) Load Wheel Replacement E-clip (Post June 2017) Load Wheel Replacement

Adjusting the Push Button Footpads

Series 4: Monitor Replacement

1) Remove pin for old monitor. Please be careful of spring which will release when pin is removed. 2) Remove black washer, spring and monitor from bracket. 3) Insert new monitor through bracket on side. 4) Put new spring with zip ties on spigot tube, followed by the black washer. 5) Install R-Clip through the hole in spigot tube. ...

Adjusting the Dual-Pin Footpads